• Because being an extraordinary PM is not about just mastering tactics



    We know you don’t need us to teach you about how to be a product manager, especially within your company.

    This course is for experienced PMs who understand that in order to level up, their soft skills are the ones that require improving and not their formal knowledge.

  • The productMBA


    An alternative for those not looking for accreditation, but rather the effective learning experience to make a change. No lectures, no grades - but rather hands-on practice and group accountability as the fundamental pillars of learning.


  • "The course is designed to question any prior belief, knowledge and even experience one might have. Based on weekly challenging assignments, and small learning groups, you get the chance to re-examine the core elements of your work, leadership skills, and get truly unbiased feedback and support from your peers"

    O. Kedem, founder NextCV

    We believe that in order to level up and grow, you need to accelerate your soft skills and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. This comes in the form of The Product Leadership Course - an opportunity for you as an experienced product manager, to develop, sharpen and enhance the additional crucial product leadership skills - such as efficiency, goal setting, decision making, essentialism, influence, and empathy - needed for you to become an even greater professional asset, both to you and to your company.

  • Developed by Product Managers,

    for Product Managers.

    "Having a product-driven mindset and experience, we know what it takes to break that ceiling that's holding you back. That’s why this truly unique educational process is based on learning by actual doing along with mutual accountability. As part of a carefully selected group of experienced product managers such as yourself, you'll face similar challenges that are designed to take you out of your comfort zone. Yet together, you'll learn to use your new set of skills and break your glass ceiling."


    Yoav Yechiam, Founder & Lead Instructor

    Also founder of the Startup CEO Course

    "When I started the course, I did not imagine that it would be so relevant to my daily work. The knowledge comes from professionals in exactly the same position as me.

    That's what makes it so practical."


    S. Arbel, Telicomm

    "Yoav knows how to introduce topics you thought you already understood, in a way that makes you grow as a leader and person... I found myself re-learning these subjects and gaining insights that are truly personal and unique to me."


    T Shussmann, Celloscope

  • What are people saying about the course?

    "This course has been designed to question any prior belief,
    knowledge and even experience one might have."

    O. Kedem, founder NexCV

    You will gain a lot of new knowledge that you can actually implement and make a significant change within your product and yourself as a professional."


    H. Lipskin, Keepers Child Safety

    "I was able to directly practice what we learn during the course and immediately see the results.

    Feels awesome!"


    L. Froind, Ticket-Compare

    "...the course gives you an opportunity to stop for a moment, to look at yourself, to analyze many important aspects of your everyday from the point of view of a bystander."


    A. Shlimak, Course participant


    "I found myself re-learning these subjects and gaining insights that are truly personal and unique to me.

    T. Shussmann, Celloscope

  • How will you know it's working?

    By applying in practice the new hands-on skills toolkit in combination with our effective learning method based on accountability and generous feedback, you will be able to level up from Day 1:

    • Make sounder decisions
    • Manage your goals and time more effectively
    • Master complex problems and situations better than before
    • Think and act more holistically through a 'zoomed-out' lens
    • Influence like a great professional
    • Get valuable insights about yourself from your peers that make you grow even more
    • Lead change, rather than reacting to it
    • Develop your value as a professional asset

    You will notice real results and start level up from Day 1!

  • What makes this learning process so different?

  • Upcoming course: October

    Cost - $2,520

    ($210 per week)


    Please note, we can only accept a limited number of applicants, max 30, per course.


    How to apply for the upcoming course:

    1. Complete the application form now (early applicants enjoy a discount when beginning the course)

    2. Choose a 30-minute entrance interview from the offered time slots

    3. Get ready for a great talk, conducted in English, no preparations needed!

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