• The Product Leadership Course Concept

    Road-mapped by/for product managers

    Product leadership is the next step in the self and professional development of any experienced product manager.

    Tech will always change, and processes will forever shift - on that front, there will always be more to learn in order to keep up your professional edge. What doesn’t change and continues with you in whatever you learn, is the strategic mindset and multi-layered thought processes that you apply.


    Don't keep up with changes, learn to lead them!

    These are the skills that will help you to not just keep up with the changes, but rather be at the forefront and lead both their implications and holistic implementation within your company.


    Creating a real change requires a real change in the approach - and mindset.

    Today, a Product Manager is one of the most demanding roles in any organization, ever-changing in both scope and areas of responsibility. Though being loosely defined, it's instrumental to business growth and requires you to master diverse skills and functions.


    Traditional Product Management courses typically focus on reaching proficiency in a wide range of technical skills and conventionally associated topics such as engagement, retention, agile planning, etc. while completely ignoring crucial "soft-skills", thinking they are too soft for product, and leave them out of the curriculum.

    In the Product Leadership Course, crucial skills such as efficiency, goal setting, decision making, essentialism, influence, change and empathy are at its core.


    We believe that in order to level up and grow you need to accelerate your soft-skills and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.


  • Course topics include:

    Goal Setting


    Decision Making








    Data Driven Decisions


    Assets & Priorities

    Innovation & Change

    Habit Forming

  • Is this course truly a good fit for me?

    Who is the productMBA for?

    Product Managers, 5+ years of experience, who:

    • Realize that they have a glass ceiling and know that they HAVE to break it
    • Want to develop personally and professionally and enhance their product leadership skills
    • Want to level up, to change their holistic thinking patterns and realize they can do better
    • Are looking to grow professionally and accelerate their skill set, but with limited time to spare
    • Want to improve their most important asset - themselves

    Who is it NOT for?

    Product Managers who:

    • Have less than 5 years of product experience
    • Are looking to land their first PM role
    • Are seeking a passive learning experience
    • Are looking to only develop a specific product expertise/or seek specific product management training
    • Feel that they have no glass ceiling to break/ are not willing to really do something about it.
    • Are looking for 'another' product management course or for certifications 
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