• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Product Leadership Course?

    It’s a unique course that has been specifically designed for Product Manager with at least 3 years of experience, who are looking to level up, develop personally, accelerate their skill set and enhance their product leadership skills to break their own glass ceiling. In short, Product Managers who want to improve their most important asset - themselves.

    How will I know it's working?

    By applying in practice the new hands-on skills toolkit in combination with our effective learning method based on accountability and generous feedback, you will be able to level up from Day 1:

    • Make sounder decisions
    • Manage your goals and time more effectively
    • Master complex problems and situations better than before
    • Think and act more holistically through a 'zoomed-out' lens
    • Influence like a great professional
    • Get valuable insights about yourself from your peers that make you grow even more
    • Lead change, rather than reacting to it
    • Develop your value as a professional asset

    How will I know if this course is truly a good fit for me?

    That is the most important question to ask - check for yourself here

    What is the format of the course?

    A global, online course, conducted in English, introduces a new topic every week over 12 consecutive weeks. With a combination of individual work and peer discussions, commenting, reflection and mutual accountability on the weekly topic, we ensure maximum learning experience. Dedicated coaches guide the students throughout the course.

    What is covered in the course?

    In the course, you will learn a wide range of key skills directly linked to leadership such as efficiency, goal-setting, decision-making, essentialism, influence, change, and empathy. Furthermore, we touch upon several closely affiliated topics. In short, the critical soft-skills you will need to expand your leadership toolkit and level up.

    In addition, the entire course learning model is based on mutual accountability with your fellow students which act as a catalyst for learning, changing and especially sticking with it.

    Who should attend this course?

    This course is for Product Managers with more than 5 years of experience with a growth mindset. Please read more detail here.

    Why should I attend this course?

    1. Hands-on: Apply what learn immediately in your day-to-day work and life
    2. Level up: As a person, as a leader and as a professional
    3. Acceleration: Learn practical soft-skills to become a greater professional asset
    4. Rapid results: Acquire new, comprehensive knowhow - fast
    5. Insightful: Gain insights about yourself through peer feedback and self-reflection to help you grow even further
    6. Relevant: Get a comprehensive and practical soft-skill toolkit
    7. Accountability: Your fellow students are not just there to learn with you, they (and you too) also take part in pushing each other harder and further.

    How is this course different than other Product courses, Reforge or Product School?

    The productMBA is a leadership course for experienced product managers, not really a product management course. The focus is not on product management techniques and methodologies. The way we see it, PMs who have managed to hold their position for a year or more, are most likely 'on-top' of most of their daily responsibilities. We believe that expanding your professional/technical skills can only take you so far. In order to advance to the next level, the changes needs to be in the soft skill domain, especially for PMs.

    Leadership skills (not to be confused with Obama charisma skills) such as: goal settings, decision making, influence, empathy, and the likes, are not skills that are taught, or can be taught, in 1-2 day frontal lessons, as exciting as they might be. Change takes time, it takes work, it takes commitment - it takes doing (not just listening). Our course is 12 weeks long. A big part of that is proving to the students that they can change, they can keep themselves and their peers accountable, that they can develop their mindset to that of leaders.

    What does the weekly process look like?

    There are four elements to the weekly cycle, which allows you to discover, practice, reflect and commit to the skills that drive your personal growth. These are Skill Discovery, Peer-to-Peer Commenting, Group Discussion and Mutual Accountability. You can read more about these here.

    How much time do I need to invest?

    We have designed this course so that you can integrate it with a full-time demanding product manager job. Approximately 5 hours per week will be needed, and will be a combination of self-study, Zoom meetings with your peer group, commenting on other students work and self-reflection.

    How long is the course?

    12 weeks.

    When does the next course begin?

    The next course begin in October (an exact date will be published later on).

    How much does the course cost?

    $2,520 which is $210 per week.

    Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    You will get a certificate of completion and a letter stating that you have completed the course with the given curriculum. Yet it is important to note that this course is not formal, credited or bureaucratic. The greatest learning is the one you do for yourself. So in case you require an official course credit, this course is not for you.

    How will I know if it's worth it?

    Here's what other people say.

    How is the program structured?

    Through a combination of individual work and peer discussion, commenting and reflection on the weekly topic we ensure maximum learning experience. The coaches are available over Slack throughout the course to help.

    Who teaches the course?

    In addition to the Lead Instructor, Yoav Yechiam, we have a number of coaches, all with extensive expertise and 15+ years of experience in the field of leadership and leveling up, both startup CEOs and top-executives in larger corporations.

    How many coaches are there?

    We ensure our coaches have time for each student with a coach to student ratio of 1 to 10.

    What tools will we be using?

    We use Google Docs for the assignments and commenting, Zoom for peer group meetings and Slack for internal communication.

    How many students will there be in the course?

    We have a limited number of seats available for each course to ensure there is a suitable coach to student ration.

    How big are the groups?

    The peer groups generally consist of 4-5 students.

    Is this course international?

    Of course! We welcome students from all over the beautiful world. We believe that diversity and intra-cultural exchange significantly increases the learning experience for all students. We try to accommodate all time-zones.

    Do I need to travel?

    No! The course is 100% online and requires no travel.

    Will I have time to do this course even if I work full-time?

    Yes! We have designed this course so that you easily integrate it with a full-time demanding product manager job. You will require approximately 5 hours per week for the course work.

    How do I apply?

    Here is a link to the application form.

    By the way, there will also be a 30-minute entrance interview (no preparation needed), which you can schedule once you have submitted your application.

    Please not that we cannot not guarantee all applications.

    What are the requirements to being admitted?

    We are interested in people of all ages, backgrounds and countries, who are committed to leveling up and transforming, and willing to work with themselves and others in order to get there. In our view, every person who is admitted to the course will make a unique contribution to the learning of the students in their own exceptional way.

    Is there an application fee?


    Is there support throughout the course in case I don understand something?

    Yes. The coaches are available over Slack throughout the course to help.

    What if I cannot attend a group session or do an assignment?

    We understand there are time when juggling work and life and he course will be challenging. Effectively you are accountable for your learning and that of your peers, and it is a trade-off only you can decide to make. We will not tolerate missing more than two assignments throughout the course.

    How will I know if I have been accepted?

    You will receive an email conforming your admittance to the course within 3 day of the entrance interview.

    Who is the mastermind behind the course?

    Yoav Yechiam, founder of The Product Leadership Course, ia owner and chief strategy consultant at Y-Perspective, as well as a four-time startup CEO and an experienced product strategy leader in various organizations and industries. He founded The Product Leadership Course in 2019 after the success of the currently running Startup CEO Courses, and is also the lead instructor. Being a passionate startup mentor, lecturer, writer, and leader, Yoav is dedicated to bringing a unique, result-driven and hands-on approach to accelerating self and professional development.


  • Is this course truly a good fit for me?

    Who is the productMBA for?

    Product Managers, 5+ years of experience, who:

    • Realize that they have a glass ceiling and know that they HAVE to break it
    • Want to develop personally and professionally and enhance their product leadership skills
    • Want to level up, to change their holistic thinking patterns and realize they can do better
    • Are looking to grow professionally and accelerate their skill set, but with limited time to spare
    • Want to improve their most important asset - themselves

    Who is it NOT for?

    Product Managers who:

    • Have less than 5 years of product experience
    • Are looking to land their first PM role
    • Are seeking a passive learning experience
    • Are looking to only develop a specific product expertise/or seek specific product management training
    • Feel that they have no glass ceiling to break/ are not willing to really do something about it
    • Are looking for 'another' product management course or for certifications 
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