Learning by action and interaction not by lectures

    You're already quite aware of the challenges, and that there are always more to come. You also know there's no generic text-book solution to any of them. We will experience the skill sets needed to take control of our compass.

    Is "schooling" really what you need?


    So many options out there for 'higher education'. MBAs, EMBAs, Udemy, you name it. Yet, in your position accreditation is worthless. And theoretical lessons and lectures will only rarely hold the solution to your specific challenge...

    Education as we're used to is irrelevant


    Seth Godin's TED talk on education, limitation and the future of learning. This is what we believe in and how we teach

  • Product Leadership

    Course Learning Model

    No Lectures. No Grades. Real results.

    This is where our new innovative learning method, inspired by many great minds such as Seth Godin, Robert Cialdini, Sam Altman, and many more, comes into play.

    We don't focus on information learning. Instead, we challenge you to take action, practice accountability and work with other students to get the most out of the program.

    Each of the lessons is unique, deals with an essential stand alone topic, and aims to be highly thought provoking. You will be forced to dig deeper and step way out of your comfort zone (that’s a promise).

    Your thoughts will receive critical and productive feedback not only from us, but from every single peer in our group, challenging you to dig some more, until you reach your own true product leadership worthy thoughts on the matter - and as you will discover, that is how you TRULY accelerate your growth and develop your own version of what having product leadership skills really means.

    If we learn as a group, how is it personal?

    Because it's up to you to make change happen. You are at the center of the transformation. We give you the platform to make you grow, but it's you who make difference. The more you put in, the more you get out. Sounds simple, it takes both commitment and hard work.

    By creating a peer group of Product Managers that can share experiences, real-life dilemmas and feedback, we empower you to maximize your learning of new skills. You will receive practical, hands-on training that directly translates into accelerated growth through:

    • 12 week comprehensive program
    • Approx. 5 hours every week
    • 100% online
    • 100% personal
    • >400% peer support 
  • The Product Leadership

    Weekly Learning Experience

    Our weekly cycle helps you discover, practice, reflect on and commit to the skills that drive your personal growth

    Skill Discovery

    Each week begins with background materials on the weekly topic. Followed by instructions for the weekly assignment on how to apply the specific skill in practice using our methodology. This part is individual, and results in an in-depth post (on an internal platform).

    Peer-to-Peer Commenting

    In order to maximize learning, each student is required to comment on the posts of his peers. With no right or wrong answer, the exercise helps the entire group learn from each other and gain new ideas about each skill.

    Interactive Group Discussion

    We then have interactive paragraph discussions in small 4-5 student groups. By dividing into smaller groups each student can benefit from a focused learning experience, share insights and lessons learned.

    Mutual Accountability

    Each week concludes by reflecting on that week's skill. You'll put your insights into writing, then make a commitment to your peers on how you will apply them in your own life/work. The accountability factor plays a big role here and ensures that you actually implement and make an impact on your daily life and work.

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